Essiac Tea and Cancer

Folk remedies are things people learn about that are stories passed on by word of mouth. They operate in the realm of hearsay, as there are not clinical trials. No matter what, some people believe in folk remedies. One of these remedies is Essiac Tea.

There are different pathways people use to deal with cancer. Some of the pathways are allopathic medicine. This kind of medicine is familiar to us. It involves hospitals, chemotherapy, and surgeries. Other alternative treatments focus on lifestyles, diet, tea and similar natural approaches.

Some people may try Essiac Tea. Rene Caisse spelled backwards becomes Essiac. The original formula is believed to have come from Canadian Indians. This formula existed before the 1920s.

Essiac Tea usually contains four herbs. The herbs do different jobs. Some kill cancer cells. Others help detoxify the body or help build immunity.

There is one important point no matter how you fight cancer. Make sure you have a healthy diet and lifestyle. Sugar feeds cancer. Do not feed your cancer with sugar. Use all the tools you can when fighting cancer. Do all you can in every way you can to resist this dread disease. You can do more than one thing at once such as drink Essiac Tea and follow the Budwig diet.

There are no clinical studies regarding Essiac Tea. Your doctor may never have even heard of it, it is considered a folk remedy. To decide if there is any value in it for you, study more about it and decide for yourself. Or, talk to your doctor.

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Preventing Colon Cancer Project

Preventing Colon Cancer Project

There are things you can do to prevent colon cancer. There are ways to cut your risk. Besides the genetics, there are other factors you can change.

One good thing is you have a space of time to discover any colon cancer. It takes time for polyps to grow. So have the doctor check you out regularly.

Being overweight is linked to colon cancer. How can you lower weight? Have a diet high in vegetables, fruits, and whole grains.  Fiber is good; eat more of it.

Limit processed meat and red meat. Meat fat may be a factor in colon cancer. Drinking is not healthy either.

Being proactive against colon cancer also helps you be proactive against heart disease.  Since cancer is hard for both patient and family alike, consider these suggestions and take action on them.

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Sugar in Times Square

Kind Snacks company, which creates a healthy form of snack bar for children, is trying to make a point about how much extra sugar children in the United States eat each day.

The company has created a 3 story high pyramid of boxes of sugar in Times Square. What it represents is the amount of sugar children in the US eat every 5 minutes. This is 45,485 pounds of sugar. That comes to 4.7 billion pounds of extra sugar per year.

The recommendation from the AHA (American Heart Association) is no more than 6 teaspoons of sugar daily.

Not only can sugar be spinkled on cereal, it is found in all sorts of sweets, junk food, syrups, juices, sports drinks, cokes, sugar-sweetened cereal, ice cream, candy, cakes, cookies, and cupcakes. Also, there are words that also mean sugar like fructose, corn syrup, and dextrose. These also represent sugar streams.

The idea is to spark discussion about how much sugar eat. Especially now, when school is starting, it is important to get children off to a good nutritional start.

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